06 november 2011

Some easy training

(in english this time since there are a lot of english speaking friends in my list. Or try Google Translate)

Friday I unexpectedly has an hour off. No crises at work, and home early. I decided to go to the gym.

But after 10 minutes bike, 10 minutes treadmill running, I decided to stop. Or, better to say: my legs decided to stop and communicated that to me in various ways. Oh well... after 4 days of sometimes intense running this was not strange.

Does such an easy training day count aa a training day? Well.... whatever, it doesnt matter.

Saturday also off (apart from 2 hours swimming with my kids) and today in the morning I trained my running group in Roden and ran 10k myself. In the afternoon 16 more, since today was my 'mileage day'.


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